About Us

At Four Points Title we understand the importance and magnitude of real estate transactions for our buyers and sellers. The goal of Four Points Title is to honor the trust our customers and their representative’s place in us. We strive to make the transaction process understandable and stress-free for all parties. To schedule a closing or speak to the staff at Four Points Title, please call (504) 454-1744.

Our Staff

Vance W. Ott
Attorney at Law / Owner

Vance W. Ott, the president and owner of Four Points Title has been practicing law since graduating from Loyola Law School in 1996. He has extensive experience as a real estate attorney, having managed the closing of over 4,000 real estate transactions. In addition, Vance is an experienced civil attorney, who has handled hundreds of successions and wills for clients and litigated hundreds of cases for clients in all manner of issues throughout Louisiana. Vance has appeared before many District Courts, Courts of Appeal, and the Louisiana Supreme Court. Vance gives his personal attention to every transaction at Four Points Title and is always available to buyers and sellers and their representatives to discuss all aspects of their transaction.

Alana Weber Reichart
General Manager / Notary Public
Lindsay Segura
Notarial Secretary
Brei Delahoussaye
Closing Coordinator
Brenda Anderson
Marketing Representative
Lauren C. Lorio
Closing Attorney
Michael P. Bono
Closing Attorney

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